January 27th, 2006


(no subject)

So, I'm going for another tattoo today. I'm thinking I'll stick to my HP theme. I'm saving Hedwig's theme wrist tat for later. And while Dana and I were discussing my choices, she realized quite a nice symmetry: Snape's represented on my back (Dark Mark), Harry's represented on my front(lightning bolt scar). If I get them: Kozi's symbol on my upper left arm and Gackt's symbol on my upper right. Jack Sparrow's tattoo on my right forearm (not getting this any time soon), and then the movie Dark Mark (for Lucius? Riddle? Dunno, I just want it) on my left forearm (even farther off than the Jack one). Then I'll have my men all around me!

But the one I'm possibly going for tonight will be paw prints of Moony, Padfoot, and Prongs. Then, in the place of Wormtail, I'd leave it blank and wait until the 7th book comes out and possibly have another character's symbol or initials put there. If nobody strikes my fancy, then I'll just get a plain lightning bolt to represent Harry.

For a tat I'd like to get done but I'm still scared to do at the moment is a phoenix across both shoulderblades. Idealy, I'll be getting my Marauder's tat on my back between my shoulder blades and a little low. So, when I get an artist I really like to do a completely original piece of art, I want them to draw the phoenix holding a piece of parchment that the Marauder's tat will appear to be drawn on. I've got an idea of what I want it to look like, but I'm so dumb when it comes to actually trying to sketch it out that it'll never end up looking like how I want it to. Besides, I've only ever drawn humans ... birds seem like a bit of a challenge to me. Then it would be like Fawkes holding the Marauder's map. Maybe I'll get a halo around Sirius' paw ... if he truly ends up being dead xD