January 23rd, 2006


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I think I'm having the most extreme case of senioritis I've ever had in my entire 5 years at DePaul. The class load I have is just torturing me. I hate reading, I'd rather listen to lectures and take notes. I'm very good at that. But every single class I have requires tons and tons of reading. There just isn't enough time in the day to read half of the stuff I need to. Today was the first day I seriously considered dropping out. But I'm so fucking close, I can't quit now.

In other news, it would appear that the Yukster will buck up and be our bat-tastic Yu~ki. But, talking with Dana and knowing our Artist Alley duties, there might be a lot of sitting and selling stuff, which in the end isn't so bad for us, what with our killer heels and all. We were thinking of "Malice Mizer approves of this artwork! You should buy it!" sorta advertising for Misa and Isaac. Knowing our popularity, it should work well :D

After class today, I'll be meeting up with Jen and (possibly?) Dana to go to Tank's place. Dana and I want to go to the wig shops around there and search for our wigs and Dana's Black Stone extensions (aka: antennae). Hopefully tomorrow, Jina is coming back with me to get her oragami crane tattoo. If not tomorrow, then the only other time I can do it is Friday. Juggling work and class is a real pain in the ass (dur hur hur, I totally rhymed).

I'm pretty sure this will be the last weekend I have true freedom from work, seeing as Vince had to cut back hours dramatically for January, but he promises me that he'll have more hours available for me in Feb. Then there's that gender bending party this Saturday. I'd like to go, but it all depends on how I feel come that time. And, what would I wear? I was thinking of coming as punk-ish Harry, but ... I dunno.

I'm seriously thinking about suggesting for DePaul to get a 'commuter lounge' with beds ... a nap would be just fantastic right about now ...
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