January 20th, 2006


(no subject)

Jen's Christmas present finally arrived today, but I left it on the front door step in my rush to make it to the train station today. I've gotta go to a safety lecture at 3:30. If I'd gone to the one last Tuesday, then it would've only taken a half an hour. But now I get to learn about dangerous chemicals for a whole hour. Oh fun.

I changed my mind for my Game Strategies analysis paper. This morning I headed over to the CD Replay store and picked up a used copy of the PS2 GoF video game for le cheap! It was only $15, skore. I'm not about to spend $40 on a game that'll take me 3 hours to finish. Which, in the past, is how these HP video games work. Besides, it's HP. I've gotta play it, no matter how simple it is to play. Yet, simple to most adult VG players is like ... moderatly hard to me, because I suck at games that aren't Katamari or "button mashers" like fighting games. Although I *do* try to use combos in fighting games ... sometimes.

I don't know if it's just because I don't drink that much soda, but bottled, fountain, and can coke all have a different taste to me. I prefer cans to anything, but I can't explain why. This bottled coke is making me burp like a drunken midget.