January 17th, 2006


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*snort* I particularly like number 6. Because, y'know Dana, I can take it like a man.

So, today was a "knock me flat on my arse" day. I spent the entire morning, from 9 am 'til noon writhing around in pain on my bed. I sucked it up for a good 15 minutes to come down stairs and do my Sound and Acoustic's homework, but then I went right back upstairs. Yep, it's that time again. But man, it hasn't been this bad in a long time. Ganj would work miracles on my cramps right about now, way more than Midol ... -_-

My Gentle Giant Ltd. Snape mini-bust finally arrived today! Number 299 out of 1500. It's soooo pretty *_*. There was a little mix up with the shipping address. The ebay sender forgot the 1 in 125 so they were trying to send it to 25 Saddlebrook Dr, which doesn't exist. I contacted FedEx and they said the shipper had to fix this, but the asshat never responded to my e-mails. I'll probably leave neutral feedback. It was not nice for me to have to deal with FedEx while the seller went MIA. The sender should remain available until the package has arrived safely at its destination. That, and Jen's Christmas present hasn't arrived. And I just realized that it's being shipped from Hong Kong. I paid $.99 for shipping, so I'm scared it's going to take MONTHS to get here via traveling all over the world and all that. Grr.

Jeebus, after almost a week of trying to DL the LotR trilogy KMN score compilation, it's finally done! I like these KMN Score It! tracks. They basically take the best of movie soundtracks and combine them into one long ass song. This LotR one is a good 30 minutes, and it's awesome. I think it's done digitally, not re-recorded or anything. I haven't found a HP one, but I did find a nice Jurassic Park one.