January 7th, 2006


(no subject)

The last 2 hours of work was very excitting. I almost sold a $700 camera, without knowing what the fuck I was doing. It was fantastic. But, alas, we didn't have the lens they wanted in stock, so I sent them to the Darien store.

Closing with Sue is awesome. All that coffee and chocolate she has really peeked at 6. She was laughing, making Jen and me laugh a lot. She's awesome.

Although, the first 8 hours were very boring. I brought my media card in and printed a bunch of pictures for dirt cheap (40% discount, w00t) and showed off my costuming skillz to Jen and Sue. Fun times. I feel dead tired now, though. I visited Phil last night. He was having some friends over for poker, I wasn't that interested. Mike, his roommate, I think was hitting on me. Mike's got the nicest long hair I've seen on a guy. He's funny when he's really tired, too XD. Keidy called, I'm getting my Christmas present from her soon ... I dunno what I'm going to get her, though. What does she want that she hasn't gotten yet?

Fuck, I am so ready for bed. So much so that I declined Red Lobster dinner because of it.