January 2nd, 2006


(no subject)

My last day of freedom was rather fun. I've come home with Japanese pasteries, choco-flakes, a new gryffindor hoodie, and ... my cartillage pierced! Dana was thinking of getting one, so we both decided, on a whim, to just go ahead and do it. We saved money getting it together, and we got it in the same place on our right ear. Man. We've got matching bracelets, we got tattoos together (planning on getting matching ones soon-ish), now piercings. I dunno what's next.

I've got my sound and acoustics class tomorrow. Only one class, so it should be painless. Then I have to work 5 to close. Tomorrow, I have Understanding the Past and Art History: Pompeii, then more work until close. Then, it's just class until Saturday!

Man, I smell like a ferret ...