January 1st, 2006


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w00t! I'm now the proud owner of a Professor Snape Gentle Giant Ltd. minibust XD. I found someone selling it on eBay for $47, including shipping and the list price is $50 w/o shipping. Go me! I've also found something I'm hoping to win by sniping for Jen for her Christmas present: this. Yes, it is random, but it's also rare. And friggin' cool. She'll love it. Oh, and I might pick up a certain book called "The Tarot of Sephiroth" so she can learn how to read tarot cards according to Sephiroth ...

Sephiroth: *flips card* ... you're going to die ...
Unfortunate tarot card believer: Really?!
Sephiroth: *stabbie stab stab*

I imagine that's what it would be like.