December 21st, 2005


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A fight nearly broke out between an elderly man that thought waiting 15 minutes was too long, and a middle aged woman who apparently was 'really rude'. Y'see, at my store, there are essentially 2 register counters. Everyone was lined up at one because an employee was there. The other register is ours (the lab) and Sue and I were both busy printing things, so we couldn't be at a register at the moment (We were backed up on orders as it was). So, this lady who's been to the store a lot knows to come up to our counter and wait for someone to check her film in. And this man sees her suddenly jump ahead of people, like him, who'd been waiting *gasp* 15 minutes. It's not her fault that she was smart enough to go to the counter that had no one standing at it. It really was the old man's loss. So I started checking her in, and this guy is muttering, loud enough for the woman to hear him, and she turns around and says 'excuse me?!' And then the old man proceeds to tell her, as well as the whole store, that this lady is rude. That's it. He just kept saying "You're very rude. This woman is rude. How rude!" (yes, he DID say 'How rude!', but I wished it to have sounded a bit more like 'Full House' Michelle ... ) And she just kept repeating back, "excuse me?!" over and over again. It was a really stupid conversation, really, but they kept going. Suddenly, another woman in the crowd of waiting customers (having waited patiently for much longer than this man) said "If you two don't stop, I'm going to call the Police ... " well, that got them to shut up. The old man stormed out, the lady finished her purchase calmly. Then the next woman behind her told me she'd been waiting 45 minutes for the old man to finish with the scanner kiosk, so that old man had nothing to be complaining about.

Wee, and you thought a film developer's job was an easy one! :P

Edit: Oh my god, I wish I'd thought of this when those bastards fired me ...