December 18th, 2005


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Tatu has a new English album out ... or perhaps it's been out for a while but I just didn't know about it until now. I also DLed some Spice Girls remixed songs. I found a Prodigy/Tatu mash up, but it hasn't started DLing yet. Man, I needed this new music. I just got more Kagrra and Hyde's new single from Dana. I like the single, but Kagrra still needs some getting used to for me. I should look for Mel C's new album while I'm at it. Just did, sounds like shit.

Jen burned a CD with some Bleach stuff and one Naruto song (*gag*). Jen says she found a Midicronica CD that she DLed and some new Rip Slyme stuff I haven't heard yet. So, all in all, my need for music is being well fed.

Anyone else want to recommend some new stuff for me?

New icon! It sorta looks like Voldie is ... singing, doesn't it? XD
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