November 20th, 2005


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Meeting the Twins yesterday was great ... I didn't want to admit it when we were there, but I was upset that Oliver's signature didn't turn out so well. His pen was running low ... so, I'm going back and bringing my own good picture of the Twins from the GoF poster book and getting another autograph.

Yes. I'm crazy. I know. Let's just see if I'll get in without having a ticket to see the movie ...

Pictures coming later today!

LJ should be renamed sloooooooJ

So, I just got back from seeing the Twins, again. I got there at 10, there was already a line. Some girls had been there since 7 am. I thought the tickets were sold out for the movie, but the girls in front of me said that they weren't, so I went and bought a ticket. I wasn't sure if I needed to, to see the Twins again, but I thought I'd better be safe than sorry. It turns out I really didn't need to, but I went to see the film anyway :D Got another autograph, and another picture. This time I actually hugged them and thanked them profusly and told them what a wonderful job they did. Ooh, their smiles were priceless.

I'd forgotten about the 'you must buy a minimum of a drink' thing, and I was actually sorta hungry, but I had no more cash on me. Well, since I was sort of a loner, the waitresses assumed I was with the groups on either side of me and the one waitress thought that I was with one group, while the other assumed that the other waitress was going to take my order. So, no one asked me what I wanted and I got away with not having to buy anything.

Then, I came home and nearly broke my back raking leaves. Yay!

And now, I'm so tired, I'm thinking of taking a nap. I've been up since 8:30. Cramps were really bad this morning. Ugh.
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I've decided on the next few costumes I'm going to attempt. This list is subject to change ...

1. Harry's 1st task robes. Problems I see with this: All that bloody embroidery and finding the boots (I want those boots anyways, but whenever I've seen something like them, they were about $200. I wonder if Jen can help me make them?)

2. Durmstrang dress robes. The biggest issue I see with this is that I'm not that manly (I hope ... ) to pull off the bulky chest look.

3. Fenrir Greyback. Yeah, this could be potentially problematic, considering a) he has yet been casted b) I'd want to pull off a real werewolf look (think Furries, but less creepy) c) facial hair *shudder* But I love the character ...

4. Gryffindor robes. These might be the first done, because I have the pattern and I've made them before. And I have a Gryffindor patch and everything. I just need a tie, and possibly a sweater.

5. Harry's dress robes. Maybe.

6. Ron's dress robes. Oh yeah. I know *just* where to get the fabric. The textile discount warehouse should have something good and dusty-looking.

I probably will not make half of these, but I would like to make them for Lumos. I'd like to have Harry's 1st task robes, boggart Snape, Death Eater Snape/default Snape, and Ron's dress robes for Lumos. We'll see ...