November 17th, 2005


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I woke up this morning with the most horendous stomach ache of my life. Last night, before I went to bed, too, I thought I was going to die. It just hurt SO fucking much. I'm better now, been drinking some Powerade, but it might do me some good to eat something.

I actually took a lot longer to finish my final than my midterm. I hope I didn't look over things too much, or I might've second guessed myself. Well, I don't think I did well, so in the usual karma of things, I'm sure I did alright. Passing, at least. It probably helps, too, that I wasn't stoned ...

Well, today is the day. At midnight, I will be at Navy Pier, sitting in my little seat, watching Harry on a 60 foot tall screen, with all of my favorite people. And then, Happy Meals at the Rock n Roll McDonald's :D

While explaining the next few days events, my dad said "Aren't you all Potter'ed out yet?" He just doesn't get it. I won't be Potter'ed out. This isn't a high school infatuation. This is a possible career goal for me (the costuming part), so I'm taking it seriously. Although they can't see it, they're not the artistic type. A nurse and a business man don't understand us 'artists'. He was explaining to me how important it is for me to get a job, and that I should spend Saturday out with him, applying for jobs. Yeah, like I need him to tag along, what's he going to do? Bully them into giving me a job? Combined with the fact that I can't put my best job experience on my application (for getting fired at Home Depot) and therefore haven't worked for 2 years, it's really hard for me to get a job these days. Oh well, I have a few places lined up. But at the moment, I still have my Philosophy paper to worry about, and that is one huge worry.

*sigh* enough of that depressing shit. I need FOOD! ... well, I need money first ...
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New recipe for butterbeer from a Japanese website:

(for one serving)
160cc (2/3 cup) Milk
1 ½ T. sugar
1 t. water


About the amounts:
If you like sweets, try using 2 T. sugar.

1.Put the sugar and water in a pan (non-stick/Teflon is best) over high heat. Stir with a wooden spoon. It will have a texture like sleet.
2.Stop stirring once little bubbles start to form. As it continues to heat, the sugar will liquefy and caramelize. Once it begins to brown, tilt and shake the pan so it cooks and browns evenly. Once it takes the colour of a medium dark brown remove from heat.

3.Just as you've taken it off the heat, pour all the milk in at once. It will make some noise, but if you don't pour it in all at once, it will splatter.
4.The caramel will have hardened from the addition of the milk, but it will gradually mix in, so don't worry. Put the pan back on medium heat, and stir until small bubbles are forming and the milk is barely at a simmer.
5.Pour it into a mug, top with as much butter and marshmallows as you like (and optional cinnamon), and it's done. Stir it well before drinking. The marshmallows will melt a bit and get soft and delicious. Add a bit of scotch if you want to feel like Winky does from hers.

I totally think we should try this! Sounds delicious!