November 14th, 2005


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It's only noon and already I feel like I've done enough shit for the whole day ...

Dad came home from Penn last night around 5 pm. Parents bring me into the kitchen to ask me if I'll help bring grandma to the eye doctor tomorrow for her catarac surgery. Of course, I can't say no. My parents wouldn't like it. But here's the trick, you see. I had an 11 am DePaul graduation meeting in Lincoln Park. But they said I would have plenty of time to get there, because her appointment was at 6:30 am -_-. Which means, I've been up since 5:30 this morning.

Sat in the pre op room with grandma to keep her company. When she left for the surgery, I wanted to be HOME. But, not until I ran to the nearest Dunkin Donuts to get coffee and bring it back for dad. I was home by 7:45 and back in bed, didn't say much to mom, I was so friggin' tired. I couldn't stop yawning in the pre op room. I have some trouble falling back asleep, coupled with a very weird dream that I was driving a Honda Civic down my street, but there was a TON of construction, so much that I couldn't get into my driveway and I drove up onto this uncompleted elevated section (like a bridge, but there was no reason for it being there) and I couldn't get off of it. When I got out of the car to see what I'd done, the ramp that I used to get up ther vanished and I had to climb down off of this bridge and leave my car there ...

Well, woke up at 9:30, left for Lincoln Park in mom's car (because I wanted to play my iPod with cassett converter thingie). Found a spot by 10:30 and then called up the Bulls office and ordered tickets for the CharitaBull's thing that the Twins are going to be at. Got 5 tickets, one of which is for Jen if she wants it. I just got the confirmation e-mail and it says there's a COSTUME CONTEST OMFG WE ARE SO ENTERING IT! XDD Awww riiiight. And they FEED us, too. And there's a raffle. How cool is that? It's going to be one bangin' Saturday! It's going to be really hard for me to write a 5 page philosophy paper after this weekend ...

Then, I went to my graduation appointment, the councelor said I was on track and everything looked great. I filled out a form that solidified my place in the ceremony in June. w00t! I'm almost there! After that, I headed to the tuition office and paid them there bloody $333, only to find that I have Winter quarter's money already on there! Oh noesis! Well, the lady thought it might be a problem if I wanted to sign up for classes, so she sent me to the Student Accounts office. He took of the hold right then and there (it usually takes them 48 hours). I came into the lab, sat down and signed up for classes! I'm taking Art History of Pompeii, Strategies in Gaming Design, Ancient India Art History, and Sound Acoustics. I'm excitted about the Gaming Design class. It's my elective this quarter, and I checked the Professor on and they said she was not only hot, but very very kind and an awesome grader. The teacher for Pompeii I've had before and LOVED him. The India Art History teacher was checked on as well and she was liked. I don't know about Sound though ... just checked it now, he seems ok. Everyone says he's old, though. What does that matter? So he'll be a bit absent minded at times?

Oh well, it's done. My classes are filled, don't need to worry about that until January. One more week, 2 exams, 2 papers and 2 crits and I am DONE DONE DONE!

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Well, considering I've already done enough damage with my mom's credit card, I went ahead and registered for Lumos! I got scared upon visiting the website that the main hotel is almost sold out ;_; I don't want to go to the other dinky hotel! I want to stay at the awesome resort! But the sorta good news is that the king room is the same price as what a double would be. And there's a sofa bed, and probably a lot of room for people to sleep on the floor, and/or rent a cot. It's all we got, so we'll just have to make due with what we have. That, and there's a golf course! Isaac, think we'll have room for our clubs? (well, actually I've never really played a game of golf, I usually just go to the driving range ... )

And, after our SF experience, I think it is in general agreement to stay Wed through Monday instead of Thursday through Sunday, just to give us some extra days to rest and NOT DRIVE. But, if we're to stop in Denver on the way there, possibly sleep over at Sam's for a night, that would mean we'd leave on Tuesday, arrive in Denver, start into Vegas on Wed, stay until Sunday, drive back, drop Sam off on Monday and be home by Tuesday ... man, I don't know how I'm going to make something up for my parents ... e.e

I know! How about, "Hey, mom and dad. I'm 23 years old. I'm going on a vacation and there's nothing you can do about it!" Besides, mom has been saying, "Get a job and save your money so we can go on a vacation!" Yeah, right. We haven't been on a family vacation in 8 years (mostly because of my school stuff) but my mom is in no shape to go anywhere. She says this now, but when the time comes to go on vacation, she'll be too sick. I just know it. So, I'm taking my vacations when I can, knowing that I'll probably never go on a family vacation ever again. Nor do I ever really want to go on one.

Edit: Oooh man, malfoymenace ... there's an Irish pub in the resort ...

Another edit: Oh no, they now have Sirius's wand at Noble Collections *_* And I just realized that your Christmas present won't be shipped until 12/05 Dana ... the wands, too. They're not available until December ;_;

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My teacher hasn't sent the e-mail with my take home final exam yet ...

The GoF soundtrack is out tomorrow, HUZZAH!

I might have to take my grandma to a follow up post op appointment -_-

I knew something Shiro didn't XD

malfoymenace is my new best friend. She booked our room for Lumos!

I'm sure you're all sick of my updates. It's been a weird day. Boring and crazy at times. But weird.

I want to go to London and study costume technology with Jany Temime. My mom told me I should try writing to her about it. Or Judianna Makovsky.