November 12th, 2005


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So, I jumped on the blogging bandwaggon and got myself a account. I did it because someone in my philosophy class was on it and he told me I should join. I don't know how much updating I'll be doing on there, considering LJ is still my pride and joy.

I think it's been 3 years now since I started my LJ. Yup, 3 years this past October 14th.

Wow, I was really silly back in 2002 ... I just spent a bit of time looking back at all my previous entries. And what is the UJ I keep talking about? Why don't I remember it? I think I can finally tell that I've matured at least a little bit since 2002.

Just wait, I'll look back on this entry when it's 2010 and be all "God, I was STILL immature then!"

New book for the school commute: Lord of the Rings

Instead of paying attention in my Rome class on Friday, I read about 30 pages. I'm about 90 pages in and I've learned quite a lot. The movies make everything go by so quickly. I had no idea Frodo was so 'old'. Well, 50 years old is old for a human, but maybe not for a hobbit. I'm hoping it'll be a little easier to read since I've seen the movies and I can understand the various names that are thrown about. I hope ...