November 10th, 2005


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Found this on my friend Alana's away message and couldn't help but pass it on (while I procrastinate even more on my Philosophy paper): Video Games and their ability to make boys cry I found the mention of 'symphonies of video game music' becoming more popular, and I can just imagine a room full of dorky guys and girls, your typical otaku perhaps, all suddenly coming together for a healthy cry when Aeris's Theme starts to play at a 'Dear Friends' concert.

But who am I to talk? I almost started crying when I found out the John Williams concert on my birthday was sold out ... I am still miffed about that. But, perhaps next year. And then there's always Ravinia. God damnit, Johnny! Stop being so hard to go see!

Let's see ... oh yes. 7 DAYZ!!!!OMF!GZ!!!11e1even w0000000t. 168 hours from now, I'll be so excited/nervous about the midnight showing/the final exam I have to take before I can go see the movie.

My last class of the quarter is on Tuesday the 15th, Cinema's final final class where our finished short and a final exam are due. He says the exam IS cumulative, But he's making it a take home exam, which I think is pretty friggin' awesome. Haven't had one of those in a while. Then Web Design with Shiro, my website is done and all I need to do is pop it up on the 'net in time for Wed the 16th's critique. Then there's Rome exam and paper due on Thursday the 17th...and then Philosophy final paper due by Tuesday the 22nd, but can be turned in earlier.

So, that gives me this weekend to write my Rome paper and hand it in on Monday's class instead of write it an hour before the final. And I'll have an extra weekend for the Philosophy final, which I hope I can combine powers with my friend Serge and help each other out a bit on writing this monster of a paper. I'm also going to be driving to class on Thursday, because after the final I'm heading over to Dana's and preparing for Navy Pier. Then, we'll come back to her apartment, sleep a few hours, get up and take my car to Darien (or possibly to my house first to change into costume and then to Darien?) to see the TWIIIINS, and bait them with golf balls, Guiness, and ganj. (That would make an awesome song title for Jen and mine's fake JRock band Domestic Red Herring ... I should call her and tell her ... ) And then, see the movie again. Then drive ppl back into city and then I go home and ... write my Philosophy paper -_-* Wow, talk about a downer. But, maybe I'll take a break from my paper to SEE GoF AGAIN ON SATURDAY. YES, I'M GOING TO TRY AND BREAK MY RECORD! A straight week of seeing it once every day. I'm gonna go for 2 weeks this time. And since school is done, I'm free to go whenever I want!

Oh, that's right. I was going to apply to Hancock, too ... uhm ... shit, should I still try for it? It's been a while.
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Not only is this movie about potheads ... but it has Ray Park in it (and Sala Baker! The Witch King in LotR!). Yes, my friends. My Ray Park obsession is returning o_O None of you know about it, unless you're cali_gari I think. This was long before LJ.

Did you know that he was in Ecks vs. Sever? I knew there was a reason I wanted to see it, but got so turned off about it after I realized how the name was really, really stupid. And then finding out that the movie did, indeed, blow, didn't help much. Now, I think I'm going to have to pick it up.

On top of that, Ray Park's official site has a rather neat song on it ...

I am so sad ...
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