November 4th, 2005


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I think I broke my family's computer e.e;; I don't know what I did, but IE keeps popping up and an error box says "Your computer caused a critical error" or something to that effect and keeps asking me to "send in the error report" It won't let me cancel, because the error message appears again. And when I do send the error report, it opens up IE and it starts all over again. I believe there was something in the IE window that talked about "replaced drivers" and that I've ignored some updates lately and they should be installed. I try to install them and it closes IE, and then the error report "Your computer caused a critical error" starts all over again. I don't really remember the specifics, but does this seem familiar to anyone? When I get home and get a better look at it, I'll post a more precise error message.

Good thing there isn't much important stuff on there. I may have to format it and reinstall everything ... because that always solves problems, right?

Speaking of formating, this winter I'm going to burn everything I need off my own computer and wipe that puppy clean. I'm sure it really needs it.

In school news: Yesterday's worry about philosophy was eased when I arrived to find the teacher in a particularly good mood. He said, since Nietsche is so difficult, he was going to allow us to all work as a group on our quiz. So, it basically turned into another lecture, and simply taking notes was enough to earn you 100% on that quiz. Phew, that was a fucking relief! Others thought so, too. My friend in class, Surge, didn't even read the Preface, so I actually had one up on him for the first time. I participated, too! Even though I never finished reading the 2nd essay. It was a very good philosophy day. Not only that, but another girl in class has had this teacher before and she says he's an easy grader.

Time for Rome, and then Mitsuwa!
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Edit: This just found on dears

Just letting everyone know that Gackt is recording 2 songs for the new FFVII: DC game (the one about Vincent, for those few people who don't know). You can check out the article at where it was posted. Along with singing songs for the game, he'll also be a part of the game. However, it's not like motion capture - instead, he'll be filmed in live action and CG laid ontop and around him. They've even made him a costume and all. How fun. But I'd thought I'd share that with some fellow Gackt fans.

:O HELL FUCKING YES! I know he's a baddie, I just know it! Yet another game I'll have to buy, even though I don't own a PS2 ... perhaps after I've bought 5 games for the PS2 I'll actually GET a PS2 ...

EDIT EDIT: HOLY FUCKING SHIT I AM TOTALLY COSPLAYING DoC GACKT AT ACEN :O :O :O :O :O *creams pants* guh ... got a towel? He is a baddie, and he looks hot, as usual, doing it ... Holy shit, the video is amazing, and the song Redemption is ORGASMICALLY DELICIOUS. Holy shit, holy shit *fans self*

Did I say Holy Shit?
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