October 19th, 2005


(no subject)

What are the symptoms of Mono? I know Dana said she had coughing fits to the point that she started to develop a serious six pack. I've just now woke up with some bad coughing fits. I cut back on cigarettes (and weed) yesterday because a) they're bad for you b) I don't have much money to get more at the moment c) I really should try and go back to my 5 cig's a day limit. As I see it now, I'm smoking every time I'm outside. It's going to get particularly bad in the winter. I know that the colder it gets, the worse it is for me to smoke. So, cutting back is something that will be good. Despite the fact that I suggested we buy a carton of cigs for the YCon road trip ...

Dana's coming home with me on Friday and staying with me until we're done with the cloaks. I don't think my parents will mind, we'll be shacked up in my room all weekend, they should understand considering Halloween is so close and they know I'm an avid costumer. I also saw the masks, Dana's fabric, and my belt buckle for Kaoru. Now, the biggest problem is going to be finding that knee-length black coat I need. I know I've seen it before, it's just finding one around here that is the problem.

School is another story. I don't think I'm going to make it. I blame it on the commute and having more classes than usual. I get nauseated when I think about how I might be failing some classes this quarter, meaning I'll be a semester behind. But, that may be a problem in itself with this Senior Design Portfolio class I have to take. If it fills up fast, then I'm fucked. It's only offered once a year, and this year it's in the Winter instead of Spring, AND it's at 8:30 am. I've never lasted very long in an 8:30 class. Not to mention I'd have to find a new parking spot and take the early bird train into Chicago. THAT is sooo not going to be fun.

I wish shit like life would just be nicer to me every now and then ...