October 17th, 2005


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God damnit, I thought I did so much better on my Rome midterm. So much better. Apparently, I didn't pay attention as well as I thought. As long as I ace my paper and midterm, I should at least pull a C -_-*

I'm getting closer and closer to thinking that my graduation is never going to happen.

Speaking of school, I saw on the news today that Mary Kate Olsen is 'taking a break' from school to focus on her BUSINESS. Seriously, why the fuck are these girls in school at all? They have enough money to run the fucking country. They don't need an education, they just need to look pretty and thank the people that hand out their paychecks. And by 'taking a break' from school, they mean she's never going to return. How often have you heard someone say "I'm taking a break from college, but I'll be back in the spring!" and then how many of them ACTUALLY return? Yeah, none.

I need to swim in a pool of felix felicis in order to get away with at least one good day, I swear.
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