October 15th, 2005


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God DAMNIT! Why is my house a target for skunks? WHY?!

I think another skunk died near the air vents leading into our house. It reeks, to the point that I'm about ready to pack up my sewing stuff and head over to Jen or Ash's to work. It's disgusting, I hate it so much. It's bringing back bad memories of highschool. I have to breathe in and out of my mouth, which makes my nose all runny.

No filming today, Rob our writer guy forgot to ask his roommate and there was a whole mix up of shit. Besides, I don't think we're really ready to shoot anyways. Even though this really was the last day I probably could shoot anything. I'm going to be working like mad these next 2 weeks. (AAH 2 WEEKS! Yeah, you know what time it is .. FLIP OUT JULIE TIME)

Who wants to come over and be my cutting bitches?

Actually, I don't know how well that's even going to work. Knowing how I work, I deal with all the sizing and alterations to the pattern while it's pinned to the fabric. Maybe I can make one cloak, figure out the alterations, then just size them for each of us. I'm thinking Isaac will be XS, Dana and Mel will be SM and I will be MED. Dana put on my medium-sized PoA Slytherin robe and it looked just a little too big on her. I may even make Dana between an XS and SM. The sleeves I think I'm going to keep the pattern size and not alter. The hood is also probably not going to be long and pointy, so that when our hoods are down, you can see the Dark Mark on our backs. I think. If we're still doing that. Why can't everyone be the same damn size? So I don't have to make so many different pattern pieces? On top of that, I've decided on making Isaac's snake skin robe a bit form fitting by adding ... wait, what's the oposit of a pleat? Like, just straight lines, like hems to make the robe smaller ... Aah, damn sewing lingo. I need a book just on that.

*sigh* I was up this morning to take my mom to the hospital to get blood drawn at around 8:30, like she said she wanted me up. So, I turn on the TV, telling them that I'm up and ready when they are ,when I hear the door close and the garage door open. I realize she's left with my dad. Ok, you DON'T tell me at 11 pm at night that you want me to take you somewhere, just to not say anything and leave with someone else. I remember doing that in, like, highschool.

At least I got my frock coat buttons covered. My hands hurt, though. I'm not looking forward to making covered buttons for the sleeves. They're smaller and probably even worse -_-*



Edit: Dude, Dana. I don't think we're going to see any t-shirt ripping of Dan like we thought ... Pic from Mugglenet. Looks like it's just his arm. *tear*

AAAH MORE SNAPE LAUGHING BAHAHAHA *dies* Oooh, that just made my day ...

A HA! Found Dan's taste in music, Dana! Let's hit up the BitTorrent to find some of these bands here.
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