October 13th, 2005


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Wow, my dream was terrifyingly weird. I was at a private highschool, but the HP kids were going there. We were unloaded off the back of trailers and handed our 'free gifts' for the day, which was canned peached o_O. We get into school, I'm lost because I know I'm 'new' and Hermione takes it upon herself to help me. We enter a class that's all girls and sit down. The teacher is a hag, she's already giving us loads of paper, and I have a fan sitting right in front of my desk, so all the papers I'm getting (which, I might add, are in various shapes and sizes) are being blown about and Hermione's trying to help me organize while the creepy teacher watches us. And then I start rubbing my eye, because I feel there's something in it. Other people notice how red my eye's gotten and Hermione suggests that I go into the girls bathroom and wash it off. So I do, but when I walk through the door to the girls locker room, I'm in my old apartment and I collapse into bed. I'm asleep for all of 30 seconds when I feel a cat leap up onto my bed. This is very strange, because I was half way between sleep and awake, and I actually thought I was at my apartment with Susu and Die.

I don't remember the rest. But I woke up this morning having difficulty breathing again. I must've had too many cigarettes last night. When I went into the bathroom today, I noticed that I had a red eye, as if I'd been rubbing it. So, it wasn't a dream that I had shit in my eye ... and it smells like skunk down here. And it's cold. And I feel cranky. I hate not being able to breathe properly ...
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