October 12th, 2005


A large LJ memo for my own purposes

Lucius Wig in color #613 (platinum blonde)

Navy Pier IMAX 12:01 am showing of GoF are on sale online now.

Ycon expected expenditures:

$60 for car rental
$40 gas
$160 hotel
~$100 for food/cigarettes
$360 needed for YCon -_-; Anyone want to comission me to make them a GoF premier robe in time to help me out for YCon? e.e;

Midterms to study for: Ancient Rome on Friday

Projects to work on: Filming a scene for DC210 movie Saturday morning (10 am) or afternoon (2 pm) at Rob's apartment. Work on finishing/splicing webpages in photoshop, add design elements in time to do more work in Dreamweaver at school.

Work on getting important computer data backed up from my PC, then format everything and start fresh. Possibly look at Fry's Electronics for help on that. Or ask Russ for advice?

2 weeks until Ycon.
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