October 11th, 2005


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I think I've got the editing of Thriller down. I was listening to it and watching the times and writing down when the good stuff begins and ends. Now, if I only had a mac, I'd work on editing together Thriller, but alas, I do not. Besides, that's something that could be reserved for the road trip.

The fabric order went through. Now let's just hope it arrives in 48 hours.

My stomach hurts.

I ate nothing but chocolate all day, in many different forms.

I have a midterm on Friday that I'm not ready for.

I should do more for my web design class to get Shiro off my back.

I need to make an advisor appointment, because I really hope that the 8:30 am Portfolio class is not the only one being offered this year.

I got a Fall Out Boy ringtone.

I have no more pasteries.
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