October 10th, 2005


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Amazon Germany now has a list of all 24 songs you'll find on the fourth movie's soundtrack that will make its debut on November 8th:

1. The Story Continues
2. Frank Dies
3. The Quidditch World Cup
4. The Dark Mark
5. Foreign Visitors Arrive
6. The Goblet Of Fire
7. Rita Skeeter
8. Sirius Fire
9. Harry Sees Dragons
10. Golden Egg
11. Neville's Waltz
12. Harry In Winter
13. Potter Waltz
14. Underwater Secrets
15. The Black Lake
16. Hogwarts' March
17. The Maze
18. Voldemort
19. Death Of Cedric
20. Another Year Ends
21. Hogwarts' Hymn
22. Do The Hippogriff
23. This Is The Night
24. Magic Works

I'm ... just a tad worried about 'Do The Hippogriff' 'This Is The Night' and 'Magic Works'. The sound like they might be musical numbers e.e;

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Last night, I had my first rather scary pre-YCon dream. It entailed me waiting impatiently for Isaac to get the van, meanwhile I hadn't packed because I thought he'd never arrive. When he finally did, he had a load of stuff already in the trunk and said that I couldn't put more than a shoebox worth of stuff in there. Not to mention my dad appeared sitting in the passenger's seat, asking Isaac questions about where we were going. There was other stuff in there, but that's all I can remember at the moment. Oh yeah, and my hair was falling out O_o

I gotta stop sitting in the third row for my Rome class. There are these girls in the row behind me that talk CONSTANTLY during the lecture, while my teacher, the eccentric David Schwimer impersonator is flailing his arms around, flashing us his hypnotic pit stains. And then there's this other guy in the very back row doing really annoying Indian accents, and he always asks the stupidest questions and thinks he's tough shit. I just want to duct tape his mouth shut, along with the girls that always sit behind me. Class seemed a bit empty, and I was dozing off quite a bit. I think I may go take another nap in the quad like I did last Wednesday. That wasn't too bad, although now I think it's just a bit colder outside.

Dana came in from down town to go to Mitsuwa yesterday. I've had a pastery overload, it's fantastic. I've got more waiting for me when I get home. And I brought my choco flakes with me to nibble on between classes and on the train ^_^ Japanese snacks make me 'hapi wa'. I brought Jen with me to pick up Dana and we met up with Sawako and Keidy at Mistuwa. All 5 of us cramed into my car, with Keidy taking up most of my trunk with her stuff. We headed to Woodfield where Dana and I split up from Jen's group. I got a smaller belt from Torrid, a 'not a t-shirt' shirt from Hot Topic that Dana gave me permission to buy (that I'm actually wearing now).

I've gone skull crazy. The shirt I'm wearing has skulls wearing crowns. I have earrings that are skull and cross bones, and I'm wearing one of my skull rings. I think I need some skull socks. Since it is Halloween, it would be the pefect time to get it. Oh, and some skull and crossbone band aids. Anywhoo, we then met up again, found out Stacy and Clinton weren't actually at the mall, and left when it closed at 6. Dropped Sawako, Keidy and Jen off at Jen's house, then Dana and I went to Target. I got those HP ornaments that I'm going to make into cel phone deals (Dana and I are now in a race to see who can cram the most shit on our cels, like those silly Japanese school girls), Sims2, and a few $1 India glass rings. Then we met up again at Baker's Square, where our waitress was the flightiest bink ever. She forgot Dana's pie, she took a moment or two to register what we were trying to order, she avoided our table a lot. It was very strange.

Man, I just ate some unagi about an hour ago and I'm hungry again ...
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