October 8th, 2005


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Finished fixing up Jack's wig, that's done and good. Now all I need to do is get a flintlock pistol, a real good replica one, and make a baldric for my sword. Simple.

I haven't done anything more on Snape, but Jen says she has directions for a sleeve pattern like his in a book. She's going to help me map it out, maybe tonight if I ask her nicely. It's supposedly a horseback rider's sleeve. I'm also thinking about making my own fabric covered buttons instead of the store bought kind. The fabric covered buttons are too shiny compared to the material, so it would look better if they were made from the frock coat material itself. In fact, I should run out now and get those buttons before Hancock closes.

Mitsuwa tomorrow, wee! Maybe, just maybe they'll have a June *crosses fingers* and that Dana doesn't get to it first!
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They've already started selling tickets for the GoF midnight Navy Pier IMAX showing! :O FUCK! It says on the website that you can order your tickets online, but it won't show any available tickets for November 18th


If I could only remember the girl that I knew that went to DePaul that set up the PoA party ... I can't even remember how I found her. I think it was on LJ, but I'm really not sure.

That, and I just ordered the poly poplin fabric for the DE robes. Let's hope it comes in the next 48 hours ...