October 5th, 2005


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The girl sitting behind me in the computer lab is the fastest damn typer I've ever seen. She's gotta be at least 100 wpm. And she's noisy too. Very noisy.

Stopped by Jenni's place on the way home last night. She has both Die and Susu. But Die is only there for a week,then she's going back to Ann's birthmom's place. ;_; I also, aparently, left quite a few things there, including a pair of pants, my Jack Sparrow 8x10, some CDs, and a lamp. Jen showed me Magical Trevor 3, along with the WRYYYYYYYYowned parodies that are fucking hillarious.

Jen told me she's also taking etching classes, where she's learning how to etch into metal. I told her that I'll pay her to etch a dark mark or Hogwart's crest into the back of my iPod, as soon as I get the battery changed. Soon, I'm not even going to be able to make the 45 min train ride into the city without my iPod dying. *sigh* And I still haven't filled up all 15 gigs, so I don't really think I need a bigger capacity one. Maybe if I drop this one, or something unfixable happens to it, I'll get a new one. But now that means I don't know what to ask my parents for, for my birthday ...

3 hours. I think I'm gonna go take a nap on the lawn. It seems less bum-ly than laying on one of the benches. Not to mention it's a lot more comfortable. DePaul hippys do it, why can't I?
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