October 1st, 2005


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I got a hair cut today!

I now have GoF Harry hair XD Even brought in a picture of Harry to show the lady. She did a perfect job.

My car is a PoS! On the drive home from the train station, a sudden squealing sound ensued from under the hood. I pull over and smoke begins to billow out from under the hood. Never a good sign. Isaac and I open the hood and one of the belts had flipped and seized up. The part that turns it was still going, so the belt created so much friction that it melted to the metal piece. Yeah, fun times.

So, it's currently sitting in a parking lot. I have to do something about it tomorrow. It definitely has to be towed, and the belt replaced. Maybe even the part that it melted to. God damn that thing is such a piece of shit. But it is my car. It's been together through many, many fun times.

Looks like it's REALLY not going to NYC now.