September 30th, 2005


(no subject)

So, I joined _levicorpus_ today under a new journal bloodyboypotter. For seemingly no reason whatsoever. It looked rather well put together. And they allow slash. Let's hope that this isn't going to turn into another fiasco like my last AIM group on GJ. I don't think I even remember my GJ names now ... oh well. They've probably been erased already.

So, I drove to school today. It wasn't too bad. I stopped by the area of the apartment and it was fucking PACKED. Not only where there 2 gigantic moving trucks, but a good whole side of the street was blocked up with roofing shit for the building across the street. I just know it is NOT going to be a happy time for me to move out, despite only having a few things to get. I'm going to be SO paranoid that those asshats at Lincoln Towing are going to yank my car away from me again. I only hope it'll take an hour, at most. And then I'll drive my car over to Dana's place, chill there for a little while, and then hopefully head out on the road by 5:30, right in the THICK of traffic, YAY. But we have an appointment tonight at 7, so we need to leave in order to get through the traffic and there on time. *sigh*

Today is going to be pure Hell. Thank God I don't have a migrane ...

Oh yeah, and it's been confirmed by PotterCast and MuggleCast that the NYC premiere is going to be at the Zigfield Theater, 141 W. 54th St. between 6th and 7th avenue. It's not at the Radio City as many would've guessed.

I'm still not 100% sure if I'm going to be able to go to it ... I'll try. I really will. Anyone willing to meet up there?