September 25th, 2005


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OMG Dana, that kick ass song on Diablos is LIEK OMG SNAKE SECKS (according to the omnipotent kyolicious's translation skillz)

translated lyrics here!


We should make a Snape and/or Draco and/or Lucius and/or Voldemort fan video to this song ... like ... now.

Speaking of teh Snake--err Snape, I've begun work (FINALLY!) on his frock coat. The bitchiest part so far is figuring out those insane sleeves. 10 buttons on each sleeve, running from wrist to elbow. I'm debating whether or not I'm going to make button holes for them, or just be lazy and not do button holes ... I wish I had more sewing x-perience -_-; There's only so much you can find online about Snape costume making.

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So, I've been told that I am to decide what tattoo I want to get done next Friday. Dana wants to get something, and wants me to come with and get something with her. I don't know yet, but I'm leaning more and more towards the musical notes of Hedwig's theme around my wrist, or ankle. I'm not sure which one yet. The other options are the skull and cross swords (don't know where, though), Gackt's 'symbol' on one of my shoulder blades, or something Snape-ly beneith, beside, or above my dark mark. Or, just all together get something non-fandom related.

Work on the frock coat is coming along nicely. It's still fraying like a mofo, so I might run out and get fray-ease or bias tape, or hem tape to fix that up, because it really is quite annoying.

I also realized that I have very few full body high res Snape pictures. I just recently found out he actually has pocket flaps ...

I want it to rain more! I love rain, I'm sick of these really nice days we've had! Give me MORE RAIN!