September 24th, 2005


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So, went to Mitsuwa. Picked up teh Gakuto. As kytrax said, the album is lukewarm. Except for 'Dispar' which I deem my favorite on the album. If he hadn't released so many blasted singles, I would've been happier with it.

Simplicity is having a Halloween costume contest! Use one of their patterns for a costume and enter it in to win the grand prize of $1,000! Since I happened to make Jack Sparrow out of a Simplicity pattern (NOT the Jack Sparrow rip off costume, but a more accurate one) I'm going to enter that one in. I have until November 30th. I still need to finish retouching up the wig, and maybe fix the back of the vest. And make a scabbard for my sword. And find a plastic banana to stick in my pants.

Today is going to be a slow, careful day. I'll do some laundry, stay inside, not go out anywhere, because then I'll want to buy things. Maybe get around to making that frock coat. Oh yes, and I looked at the Neo Matrix pattern that people told me to, and I don't like it. It doesn't have the pleats in the back to make it all swooshy. I'm sticking with the priest pattern. Too bad it isn't Simplicity, or I'd enter Snape into the contest. I wanted to enter Boggart!Snape into it too, but I made that with a 'see n sew' pattern ... I don't know if that's Simplicity related or not. If it is, I'm definitely entering that in.