September 23rd, 2005


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Uh oh ... I think those Death Eater masks are like ... metal. In the new high resolution French trailer of the second SECOND trailer, the WB symbol at the beginning and the DE mask look more shiny, like chrome. Oh well, who the hell's going to be looking that close, but me?

Dana (and maybe Isaac?) is coming over soon. She'll be here around 2. Until then, I'm going to the bank and depositing a check, showering, and cleaning up for possible robe-making today. I'd much rather go see Corpse Bride today than really work on those cloaks. But I don't think Dana wants to go see Corpse Bride. We'll see

Then, there's Mitsuwa. Gackt's new album better be there :P

Edit: When you see this in a friend's journal, quote Shakespeare!

I bite my thumb at you, sir!

(I can't believe I remembered anything from Shakespeare o_O )