September 19th, 2005


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David Thewlis's wife wants to play Tonks ... she's also the French chick in Time Line. I find this rather amusing. IRL couple playing a now canon pairing (*GAG*). I still think that it came out of the blue and it's really stupid, but I think it would be kinda cute if she landed the roll. I doubt she will though. She doesn't look 18.

Had to take grandma to a clinic to get a catarac removed. Decided not to go to class all day today, since I think mum would rather me be around then have to suffer alone with her mother. And she is suffering. Poor grandma, she's clueless, and my mom is hard enough to deal with as it is.

Mom said she found 4 dead bees after washing my laundry, floating in the washing machine. I'm going to talk to dad about it when he gets home, see what he wants to do. Mum's afraid I'm going to get stung in the middle of the night. I'm quite scared of that, too.

Returned beads to Hobby Lobby, to find new ones to update my Jack wig. I took out all the bangles and sewn-in dreds, washed it and combed it ( already broke a prong off my wig brush ... louzy cheap POS!). Well, I don't know how well the combing did. But it does smell nice now. I re-sewed in the dreds, worked in one line of beads, and I'm still working on a more accurate big shiny coin with bells thing for the biggest, most prominant line of beads. I also got better coins to thread into the hair. And I figured out to put the beads that hang over his bandana on a small safety pin instead of attaching it to the wig. I actually saw a BTS picture of Depp putting on the bandana, and it was attached to the bandana. I'd also like to look for different, more silky fabric for the bandana. What I have right now isn't long enough.

Tasks to do today include: re-working of the boggart!Snape purse, possibly cut out the pieces to my frock coat, and watch Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Finish making Sparrow coin bangle

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Hey, everyone! CALL ME! I won't pick up, but there's a surprise for anyone that does call me ... and no, that's NOT a voice mail message, my phone is on. It's just ringing.


I have T-Mobile, so no matter where you are in the world, if you have T-Mo the call is free and doesn't use minutes!

I have CallerTunes! Instead of the monotone ring in your ear whenever you call me, now you get treated to a little song :D
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