September 17th, 2005


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Had a fun time at Phil's place last night. It was good seeing Dana up to being herself again. Played a bit of HP Scene It DVD game at their place before heading over to Phil's. Found it rather easily, so that's good. Slept on his big, really comfortable couch last night. We all left around 10:30, I headed home noticing my breaks really suck. I made a point to my dad today that I'm really getting frustrated with the brakes, so it looks like he's going to get it overhauled. I told him it was probably due for a yearly all over inspection. Looks like I'll have my wish and have it be in tip-top shape for NYC! Yay!

Ugh, I still need to call CSO about those Williams tickets! Goddamn you, lousy website ticket ordering shit!

Called up Jenni yesterday too. The first thing she asks me is to have a copy made of the mailbox key. I asked her why and she said that someone stole her purse while she was having lunch at Panda Express in the city. So, any of you out there that go to the Panda Express right by the Art Institute Museum, keep a close eye on your bags and wallets and such. Aparently, this is such a common thing at that place that they didn't help Jenni whatsoever in getting her stuff back.

She's also rearranged the apartment for "a maximum user friendly workspace" XD. I'd like to see what she did do. Oh, and Keidy has taken over my closet. Jen's home this weekend, in the 'burbs, talking with her mom about how/when she's going to move out. I said I'd come help, since I have a ton of shit left there too. And to see the KITTIEES! I miss the kitties ;_; a LOT.

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So, it took Sears Auto Service shop 4 hours to replace the battery in my car. 4 hours. They checked to see if the one already in the car was ok, and it was. They asked if I still wanted to replace it, and I did. Well, aparently the guy that came and asked me that stuff never wrote it down or told anyone. And then, he went home. So, my car was sitting out back for about 2 hours before anyone realized, "Hey, we still need to put a battery in there!" All the while I'm sitting watching ND vs. Mich State football game, the one that my dad had abandoned me for to go home and watch. They gave me half off on the battery and replaced the thingers that attach the battery to the car, free of charge. So, in the end I got a discounted battery and free thingers, but I still lost an entire day. And I'm not all that happy about it.

It looks like my car is going to be almost prepared for NYC. I managed to slide 'What would you do if you were preparing this car for a road trip?' into our conversation while we waited for the mechanics to change my oil. He said that the battery, brakes, and tubes would need tinkering with, along with an oil change. I've almost got him on the brakes, explaining that I'd talked to a brake expert and he said I should have ceramic brake pads and not cheap ones, which is the reason for the squealing. He says the friction on cheap brake pads make that squealing sound, which isn't exactly dangerous, but will become so soon. So, I'd like to NOT have my brakes explode on the highway to NYC, nor my tubes. And if I'm paranoid enough, I'll get the transmission looked at. Other than that, my car is pretty well off for road trip travel. I got the oil change and the battery replaced. Just the brakes and tubes, and I still have 2 months ... oh FUCK! One month to make DEATH EATER ROBES!!!!!11omg1 (slightly ... forgot about that. Along with, uhm, homework 9.9 )

When I got home around 11 this morning, I began to clean up my room and discovered about 5 live bees frantically trying to get out of the closed windows in my bedroom. I opened them and let them out instead of crushing them, because then I would have bee guts on my windows to wash off. I cleaned a bit more, and I found another 3 more bees that had just arrived to try and get out. I let those out as well. Did s'more cleaning. Came back, and 5 MORE BEES WERE TRYING TO GET OUT. I was getting really worried, that's just too many bees. So, I thought it was the collection of dead bees I had. I threw those out, they did smell a bit. Maybe the bees smelled their dead family members and were all "WTF" about it. Then, I vacuumed the entire area around my window, including the spider webs in the cracks and found about 5 more dead bees. I found another dead bee on my sweat shirt, another one by my bed, and 2 more in the bathroom. I noticed a hole near the air vent in my bathroom and thought that it might be the source of the bees. But then I thought the vent might be letting the bees in. But I also thought it was the holes along the sky light window above my bathtub. I remembered one time I opened that window and I saw that bees had nested in the little overhang. So, I plugged up the holes along there with tissue paper, hoping that will stop the flow of bees. I haven't been upstairs to see it since the battery changing problem, but I hope that stopped them. Maybe dad should go up on the roof and see the extent of the bee nesting in the window. I hate bees. I know that if you don't bother them, they won't bother or sting you. But that buzzing so close to your ear just makes you go "GUH! *swat*"

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1 month until YCon ... I thought this rather sudden news flash to me deserved its own LJ post, even though I've posted twice more in the last hour ...

What I think needs to happen in that month ...

1. Make new Snape frock coat
2. Make Dana a Lucius vest and under-robe sorta ... thing
3. Style a Lucius wig
4. Make 4 Death Eater robes, complete with lining and Dark Mark insignias on the back
5. Fix up Jack wig
6. figure out Isaac as Voldemort situation
7. mix a skit sound file of Monty Python, Thriller, and It's Raining Men
8. Charge Mel with the task of making the DE masks
9. Work on a simple dance skit ( maybe kyolicious could help me there, the oh so wise Master of skit coreography )
10.College stuff o_O
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