September 12th, 2005


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There's 2 people that just arrived in my Ancient Rome class that are from Toulane (sp?), one of the schools in New Orleans. It was sort of a shock. I didn't think we'd get any of them here. And, in fact, one of them is really cute. He looks very European, long curly hair, cute dimples. I wanted to say something, but I didn't know what. Maybe I'll try and sit by him in class on Wednesday.

Met Petras today, we road the train into the city together. He's got class Monday and Tuesday, and then a 5 day weekend. Hey, doom_apple! You, me, Petras, dinner on Friday? Or perhaps Saturday? I want to see you before you leave (again!) and since Petras LOVES to eat, it seemed like a good thing. D'you like sushi? :D

Well now, I've got 4 hours to kill before class. Might just spend it in here, in the computer lab. But I might head over to the art building and talk to Pat about getting a jorb as a lab monitor or something. Job = money = good.

Man, this keyboard seems really heavy ... the keys are like, hard to push. Or maybe it's just something in my head. My hands feel somewhat leaden again. I remember this feeling once before. It was interesting, slightly scary at times. I don't know what it is. But I think it's this keyboard.

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Write 20 Random facts about yourself timing your responses. Tag the amount of people that your time is.

Screw the time thing ... I don't like tagging ppl ... Collapse )

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Follow these directions:
1. Call the Governor: 916-445-2841 (This number is listed at (00-111-916-445-2841 internationally)
2. Push: 2 (voice your opinion on legislation)
3. Push: 1 (gender-neutral marriage bill - Senate Bill 849)
4. And push: 1 to support marriage equality

Last stupid update, I swear

Jrock Soap Opera by IHeartKakashiSensei
Humor me! Name a Jrocker! Any Jrocker!
The name of your soap opera isTrue Passion
Your soap opera personality iscute. Sure, you seem innocent... But are you?
Your best and most loyal friend isKen (L'Arc-en-Ciel)
Your main love interest throughout the series isKazuki (Due le Quartz)
Jealousy! This guy wants you, no matter what!Hora (Schwarz Stein)
Shocker! You have a long lost brother! He isKazuki (Due le Quartz)
It happened! You are pregnant! The father isJuka (Moi dix Mois)
Random Soap Opera Happening #1Your brother has a fatal disease! Oh no!
Random Soap Opera Happening #2You are raped by the jealous one, you poor dear...
Does it end well?Yes, actually it does.
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