September 11th, 2005


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Yesterday was joyful. Took the sickly Dana out of the house for the 2nd time since she's had mono. She spit phlem out my car window on the highway and now it looks like there's a big smear mark of bird poo on my mom's car XD oh well! She won't notice.

We went to Mitsua, where I bought Gackt's Jyuni Gatsu no love song korean single. Don't know why. Just felt I had to. That, and it was really cheap for a single from Mitsua. Only 900 yen. They're usually around 1200 or 1500. That, and I've been meaning to get the Korean December Love Song for a while. I only heard it once, when Jenni found it. But I think it got lost in the great computer crash of 2004.

I also bought a "Voldemort Returns" shirt from Hot Topic XD. I want to wear it to a GoF premiere (still planning on going to NYC to catch a glimps of the actors!) but I'll be dressing up, in both instances I think. I'm thinking DE robes for NYC, and maybe Slytherin PoA student for IMAX Navy Pier. Dana's going to try and borrow my red contacts for Riddle, if they fit her and if she can see out of them.

Speaking of the NYC premier, has anyone on my FList been to a movie premiere in NYC? I don't know the city at ALL. I've driven through it once, as a little side trip to Pittsburg, PA, but I was asleep and my parents didn't wake me up. Where would the premier be held at? How easy will it be to get in line? I'm a paranoid beast when it comes to being at places that tend to draw huge crowds. I want to be the first in line, waiting for them right at the front of the fence. We have plans to buy them each little presents (if we can find out how many of the actors will be there) and give them to each, in exchange for a photo and an autograph. And then I can confess my love to Daniel and ask him to marry me ... and then to Alan XD
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I want to run this by my FList before I decide to put it up all over LJ.

Would anyone be willing to sign an online petition to Apple, Inc. over the issue of the Harry Potter iPod not being sold separatly from the ebooks? The way I see it, if you're crazy enough to want the HP iPod, you've already got all the books, there's no point in getting the ebook versions.

Anyone with me on it? Someone want to help me come up with a little more professional, valid argument for the header of the petition? I suck liek whoa at writing important-y things like this ;_; But I want to do it! Even if you're not an HP fan, I encourage you to help feed my unhealthy obsession!