September 6th, 2005


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Well, cock-a-doodle-doo. I've been up for an hour already. AN HOUR. And it's only 9:40. Actually, an hour and 22 minutes -_-

I finished putting together the silver shelving unit, put s'more remnants of fabric on it, organized a bit more, cleaned up as well. Today, after I run off to Starbucks for a Mint Mocha Chip frappachino, I'll begin work on re-making my Snape frock coat. My other one was fraying so much, and I didn't like the heavy fabric I used, and there was cat hair on it and I didn't want to wash it because it would only fray more, and I don't want to use fray-ease, and I just want to remake it! I found some nice fabric yesterday while parusing Handcock during their 50% off sale. So , while I was there, I bought new Snape fabric and the $1/yd lining fabric. But get this, even THAT was on sale, half off. So I got it for $7.50. A whole full friggin BOLT of it! w00t! I should've bought more. I'm thinking it might be nice for the lining of my frock coat now. Makes me wonder why they have so much of this lining fabric (at least 10 bolts of it) and not much else black fabric. There's maybe 2 bolts of stretchy stuff, and then the rest of it is that god awful Halloween print shit. The spider webs and pumpkins and skeletons.

So yes, today will be a Snape day. Maybe I'll even get around to working on that Jack wig. Anyone know how to like ... fix the elastic of a wig scalp? My Jack one is a bit dodgey. Granted, it was a $10 wig in the first place, but I'd still like to keep it. Or maybe it would be better for me to just get a different wig? And I figured I have enough red stuff to make Vincent's cape, I don't need to buy more (YAY!) I may need to get black to make the pants though, unless I find a pair of poofy black pants that I like. And then I need foamy stuff. And a wig. And some gun parts.

School starts tomorrow. I'd like to go on campus to get my UPass today so I don't have to pay for my ride tomorrow, but it's not that big of a deal. Besides, dad might even drive me to go get books anyways.

But so far, this is what it looks like my schedule is going to be: the 10:52 train out of Clarendon hills, to be in Chicago by 11:42. Then 15 min to LPC, that puts me right in at lunch. I've got an hour for lunch before Ancient Rome 1:10-2:10. After Ancient Rome, Web Design 1 with Shiro ( and Phil, YAY!)5:45-9. Then, hopefully I can catch the 9:30 home and back in Clarendon Hills by 10 and home shortly after that. That's my Mon-Wed, Friday is the same, except no Shiro so I'd be on the train at 2:32 and home by 3:13. Tuesday and Thursday are thus: catch the 12:52, get into Union by 1:42, train to PLC by 2, Asian Philosophy from 3:10-4:40, break until Digital Cinema from 5:45-9 in the Loop. Hop on the 9:30, home by 10. But that's only on Tuesday, Thursday I'd catch either the 5:08 or the 5:30 train and I'd be home around 6.

Shit o_o that's a lot of ... train-ing ...

"We're never going to make it ... *sigh*" -- random quote from Fifth Element that came to mind after reading my schedule back to myself

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I think I might need to get a new battery for my iPod. I was searching eBay and they seem to show that a PDA battery is the same as the one needed for my 3rd gen. Although I'm afraid of how to open my iPod and get it IN there. On top of that, it's not like it's a cel phone battery, I don't really know what will happen if I just unplug it. Although I've been told there are tutorials online.

Speaking of iPods, one was featured in The Transporter 2. I laughed at that part. Frank used it to transport an image of the bad guy to the police. It's nice product placement. I'm sure all of you college students out there that gave your parents the 'but I can use it to hold documents, too!' speech when you wanted an iPod would see that part and be all "See! SEE?! It even helped Frank find the badguy!" More trained killers should have iPods, it would making finding a floppy or CD to hold that rather important information on obsolete.

So yeah. I'd like to get a battery. But they range from $3 to $20. I don't know what to get, but I want it to last. Last time I played it, I was going to ravinia. About 45 drive, I fiddled with the EQ settings quite a lot. By the time we got to Ravinia, had dinner, and I pulled out a book to read and my iPod to listen to, it had been off for a while. When I went to play something, it said the battery was low and wouldn't play. It was barely on for a couple hours. After I had FULLY charged it. The battery gauge was full only an hour before that, too. I didn't use my backlight, I didn't change songs much.

ok, so I went to and found out that you can, technically, replace it yourself. If not, Apple can do it, but they just give you a new iPod, which would mean I'd lose everything. And I'd have to pay a $59 replacement fee, which is better than buying a new iPod aparently. I'd like to try the battery option myself. If I can't do it, there are other 3rd party websites that can, or so says this site.

I'll just have to see tomorrow if it's really the battery not getting a full charge or what. It says that it's generally good for between 300-500 charging sessions, not for a certain amount of days (18 mo. is rumored to be the length of time an iPod battery works). It's quite possibly that I've exceeded that.