September 5th, 2005


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Ask me six questions of your choice. Any question is fine, I'm open minded. I will answer honestly. Then repost this in your own journal.

Since no one decided that my other drabble idea was fun, do this. I get the feeling that people have me friended only because I friend them. No one goes, "Hey! It's Kozibot! I'm going to friend HER! She's so cool!" I'm just one of those boring people on your FLish that everyone skips right over. Well, bleh to you. I'm TRYING to make my life exciting. Jeez.

And ... uhm ... it's Labr Day. Wee.

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I don't know what posessed me to go to ... but I went.

Anyone that doesn't know Emerson Spartz, he's the genuis behind my favorite website of all time,

He was born in Hinsdale, IL. I probably missed him going to Central by a couple years. This might explain why all the good Book Party things are in Illinois. DAMN am I glad I live here!

On top of that, he likes the same cologn I do :D

I think I'm infatuated with Emerson Spartz. *_*
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