September 4th, 2005


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Things are looking a bit better. But it might just be because of what I've been doing with my time.

I'm sure I'm one of the only people I know of that enjoy organizing things like my fabric remnant bin and my used patterns, or putting my DVDs in alphabetical order, or grouping my magazines depending on the subject matter. I love being organized. I do. Sometimes my room is a bit messy, but eventually it ends up looking nice and neat again, before it gets too out of hand. The only thing I don't like is laundry.

I also bought 6 more wig forms for the rest of my wigs, and I've been thinking about taking my Jack Sparrow wig and washing it with super-duper conditioner, untangle that bitch, let it dry, then re-braid, actually sew in the dreds, and re-work some of the beading to be a bit more accurate. I've got plans to wear this for YCon, so I'd like it to be at least a little bit nicer. I also need to make a sword strap and find me a good, cheap eBay flintlock to shove in my pants. And find a banana :D

Speaking of YCon, I hope that I don't get mono. Poor Dana's been stricken with it, and she says that she's been contageous for the last 2 weeks, which is when we hung out a lot together. And mono has a 6 week incubation period, so if I do have it, it would pop up right around YCon, which would SERIOUSLY suck. Mom's been giving me lots of vitamins, especially C, to combat the virus that's been possibly introduced into my system. I only hope Isaac and Misa don't get it :/

Now, on to sewing stuff. I must begin work on Death Eater robes. I should get Misa's design of Dana's tattoo enlarged so I can put it to fabric and work out how I'm going to put it on the back of our robes. I'm thinking wonder under will be my best friend. I also need about 25 yards of black for the rest of our robes, and more of that green stuff which I managed to buy all of from Ash's Handcock. I should go to the other one and see if they have more. And even more of that black stuff I used for my Slytherin robes. And then get the lining fabric while it's still $1 a yard.

Other sewing projects I'd like to get to possibly today include making sleeves for my default Snape outfit (dunno why, possibly for GoF premiere?) and possibly finding HP fabric online to make a slip cover for my comforter. It needs one. And it'll match my pillow cases.

I want to start a meme. So ... here it goes. Write me a drabble. It can be of anything you want it to be, but it has to include the phrase ... "wardrobe malfunction."