August 31st, 2005


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9 months. 9 fucking months wait. For a commuter parking permit. I need one next week, I don't know what to do. I had no idea there would be that long of a wait. I'll be almost finished with school by then!

The only other options are $2/day 12 hour parking meters, which usually get filled up at 5 am from all the people that couldn't get permits. Everything else is 2 or 4 hour parking.

I told my dad that I should've stayed in that fucking apartment.

I was happy for a little bit today, when I finally sat down and watched Y Tu Mama Tambien. But real life just always has to ruin that for me. I don't know what to fucking do with myself. I thought I was getting everything together, but it looks like no matter how hard I try, things just keep getting worse and worse.

Maybe I should just stop. Not go to school for a year. Take COD sewing classes. Get a minimume wage job and hate myself.

1 day. I would just like one fucking day to go by without me breaking down like a fucking baby ...

Edit: Oh noese! Muse! This sucks, I'll miss Muse greatly ;_;

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