August 18th, 2005


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I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing, but lately my past has been nipping at my heels. I've re-established contact with no less than 5 people from my past. It's very ... odd. I thought I was always one to forget my past, but I can't help but feel good that people I haven't talked to in years have popped back into my life ... and some of them have LJs! :D So, this is a sort of 'welcome to My Crazy LJ experience' post to all of those that I've re-convened with: doom_apple and _deadly_claris_! Hey Sean, does Brandon (Brendon? shit, I can't remember :O )have a LJ? e.e;

My day yesterday was fun. Dana, Mel, Isaac and I came out to the Art Institute with Keidy and Odie, but first we were so flippin' hungry we went to eat at Bennigans. I couldn't decide on what to get, holding up everyone elses hunger. When the food finally came, mine was wrong so I had to sit and watch everyone eat and steal bits of food every now and then from Dana. Every now and then a F-16 or F-18 would fly overhead. I think they're getting ready for the Air Show this weekend. When we were all done, we headed inside the Institute, found myself very dissapointed with their collection of Italian Renaissance art, but impressed with how much Asian art they had that I remembered studying in Survey. I found a piece or two I might use for my paper, but I still don't know. I'm writting it tomorrow, gonna do s'more research online, too.

Final Exam today, just finished finding photos online of all of the works. Luckily, most of the stuff is very recognizable works, like the Mona Lisa, Birth of Venus, Michelangelo's David statue, and da Vinci's Last Supper. I think it'll be easier, except for the insane artists we learned on the last day of class, like ... Parmigianino and Piero della Francesca o_O I dunno how I'm going to remember some of these names in time for my final in ... oh ... 2 hours -_-

Oh well, I think I'm rather confident in what I know about the pieces to make up for the fact that I might not know the artists names or dates. And after this, I'll come back, write my paper, maybe get it half way done, so that I'll work only halfway more on it tomorrow and hand it in before 5 and then W00T! FREEDOM!!

I'd LOVE to go to Ren faire and Six Flags sometime in those 2 weeks I have before school starts. And move out time should be scheduled in there too. Anyone want to help me move out? :D Anyone got a big-ass truck I can borrow?
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