August 13th, 2005


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Today, just as we were sitting down to enjoy dinner at my family home, a bird ran into the window. We go to the window to see if the bird is dead on our driveway, and find a FALCON has landed on top of the bird and is holding it down while it slowly dies. It looked like a morning dove, it was just a little bit smaller than the falcon.

I thought it was the coolest thing in the world. The falcon was gorgeous. I knew we had them around here, I've seen them flying around the gold course down the street. But to see this up close was spectacular. My mom kept saying "That's disgusting! I can't see where one bird ends and the other begins!" The falcon just sat there while the bird seemed to gasp for its last breaths. Giving one final struggle, the bird fluttered its wings and the falcon just sank its claws into its chest and carried it off, leaving behind a lot of feathers. It was definitely a highlight of today.

And even better, my mom had just finished cleaning that window and now it has a bird-sized smear mark on it. We think the falcon chased the dove in mid air. Thinking that there was a way inside, the dove ran into our freshly washed windows and probably broke its neck.

I cleaned up my brothers room, got rid of a lot of junk, found a bag full of CDs that had about 20 of mine in there. None of the really important ones, but still, they were mine. I moved everything into his closet, cleaned up the bookshelves, and moved my sewing crap in there. For now. I also cleaned up my little area of the basement and brought stuff up into my room and rearranged my bookshelves.

I really wish I had a tall bookshelf to display all my artbooks. Where they are at the moment is under my TV with a bunch of magazines. I really have a ton of shit. I have a whole box downstairs FILLED with Star Wars stuff, and I just found a shoe box that has even more Star Wars stuff. I found about 20 notebooks with about 5 pages used up in each of them. I found a few unused sketchbooks, as well as puellaris's glass pipe. I found a notebook from freshman year, where most of the notes are accented with little doodles everywhere. I don't really doodle much any more, but that's a good thing, because it means I'm paying attention in class!

I also stopped by Wal-Mart and picked up a few picture frames for my autographs and nice glossy photos. I also got another poster frame for my Charlie and the Chocolate Factory poster I got long before I'd seen the movie. Now I just have to find a place to put it.

My room really gives absolutly no room for a change in design. With my slanted ceilings, it's hard to rearrange things, as well as move my bed. But I don't want to move my bed. I like where it is. And my furniture is very heavy, even when empty. And damn girly. I wish I could get something less flowery. My wallpaper is atrocious. I've been working on getting rid of all the tape left over from when I taped my posters directly to the wall, which is proving very difficult. I've tried goo-gone and plain soap and water, as well as rubbing alcohol. I bought goof off and this stuff that's suppose to specifically take off tape residue. That's the biggest problem with my room. I think I can deal with the pastel pink, if the walls weren't ruined. Ok, so I can't deal with the pastel pink. I'd want to paint it something darker, but it's pretty dark as it is in there, so I'll just go with white.

What I REALLY want to do is commision my artistic friends to paint a gigantic mural that stretches all the way from my bedroom, into my bathroom, and then on into my brother's room. Of none other than Harry Potter, of course. I want my room to be Gryffindor themed and my brother's room to be Slytherin themed. And then I'd want to paint moaning Murtle in my bathroom above my toilet :D I'd have to sketch it out, I think. But I'd want the ceiling to look like the Great Hall's see-through ceiling, and do some murals of Hogwarts castle in the background and the kids in boats floating across the lake, and Sirius riding Buckbeak towards a full moon and Remus in his werewolf form howling at it ... and just scenes from the books and stuff, mostly taken from the movies. I want it to look as realistic as possible, like the way the first two movie posters were like. I'd have to resist having Snape painted above my bed, though. That might be a little too creepy.

But still ... I have a LOT of shit. I would hate to have to move all my crap out and into a tiny apartment. My action figures alone would take up so much space. And my books. Jeebus we have a lot of books. Between my parents, my brother, and myself, I'm sure we could fill up a decent sized library with our books.

And hopefully, with me moving back home, I'll be watching what I'm eating and I'll try and lose those Freshman 40 (yes, 40, not 15. I've gained at least 40 since going to college!) that I gained. I won't be around 'skinny as fuck' Jen, who enjoys having soda and chocolate milk with her coco pebbles in the morning. Maybe I'll even slow the smoking, knowing my parents don't like it/don't know about it. I only hope that I'll be able to finish on time. And I wish my fucking checks would come in the mail already! I need to pay my tuition, and the bank fucked up last time and just sent me depost slips :O

Alright, I think I'm done ranting. Back to more cleaning!
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My dad just came by with a package from the ever wonderful kyolicious. I got some nice DVD quality copies of her Gekka ACen video she made. There was a lot of stuff I'd missed in the smaller copy, so this is really awesome.

AND we got some kick ass le ciel MM Acen 2k5 postcards! SQUEE!

Thanks kyolicious!!
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