August 7th, 2005


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More booty! I went Johnny Depp apeshit at this WizardWorld: PotC Aztec gold medallion, Gackt cel phone bangle thing, a Harry Potter card game (not the trading card CCG thing, but like a completely separate game), a "Dead Men Tell No Tales" PotC shirt, and then 3 nice glossy photos: Willy Wonka with goggles, Merry Brandybuck B&W photo, and a PoA photo that shows the character that is killed, and the one that kills that person (yeah, so some people still might not've read the book yet, I'm still being careful with the spoilers) :D

Toby was there as Edward Scissorhands, first time I've seen that outfit. His scissor hands are fantastic, as they should be.

Damn, I feel like I need a nap ... it feels like it's near midnight but it's only 10 ;_; I wish I could sleep in ...