August 4th, 2005


HBP ramble, semi-spoilerific

Well, something compelled me to pop in Sorcerer's Stone DVD and eat ice cream straight out of the container instead of going to class. And now that I'm watching it, it's only about 10 minutes into the movie and I began to think about HBP.

Whenever I read the books, now that I've seen the movies, I envision the actors in my head playing out the scenes. Perfectly understandable, although there are a few changes. And then I realized throughout all of HBP, I imagined Dumbledore looking like Richard Harris and not Michael Gambon. Richard gave this frailty aspect to Dumbledore, and that's all I felt throughout HBP with his hand and all. And I really don't think it was just really good acting, I think it was because Richard Harris was on his last leg.

In other news: I finished sewing patches onto my Remus robes. I thought of making the tails, but I didn't like my attempt at them. And I figured that we had the ears, that would be enough. But I'd still like to go out on Friday, with Dana and Mel and (maybe) Isaac. Dana wants her Dark Mark on her arm, then we'd stop by the fabric store and pick up the lining fabric for our robes (maybe a few extra, since it is a 30% off fabric sale going on) and then the snake skin stuff for Voldemort's robes. And then I was thinking about finding a nice suit vest instead of a sweater, or perhaps a cardigan, at the thrift store next door. And then I noticed in the Bloomingdale's cataloge that they had a old school Gryffindor tie (the big, even stripes instead of the thin ones) that I might want to pick up. As well as a used brown leather messenger bag. Maaaaybe even new shoes ... I'll have to see.

Weee! WizardWorld!