July 24th, 2005


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Ok, so WizardWorld is 2 weeks away. I'm probably going to go, but I don't know what I should wear. Since I don't have a paid account, I'm going to ask people to comment on what they think I should do

Poll Question: What costume should I wear to WizardWorld?

a) goth!Slytherin!Harry
b) Professor Snape (NOT boggart, I'd still need to finish the sleeves on it, though ...)
c) Random Slytherin (I've got so many wigs, I could do this.)
d) young!Snape (Snape wig, PoA robes, or "Snape and Harry's bastard child in PoA robes, Snape wig, Harry glasses)
e) Draco (I've got two choices for a wig for a sort of fanon Draco: a white short wig, or a blonde short wig)
f) Jack Sparrow
g) Jack Sparrow, the Slytherin? O_o;
h) TRY and make Willy Wonka in 2 weeks time ... o_O (I could do other outfits besides the usual one ... I kind of liked his "Going to see Daddy for the first time in many years" black get-up ... or his 'oompa loompa therapy' robe and shoes ... )
i) boggart!Snape
j) Jin (teehee! See how I planned it, so that j would be for Jin?! *cackles* )
k) Tom Riddle (won't be very accurate, but I'll wear Slytherin robes, my Harry wig and red contacts, and maybe carry around a snake?)
l) fanon!Remus Lupin (I'll use my brown Jedi robe, wear a pair of worn pants, a sweater, tie and white shirt, put some make-shift patches on my robes, paint some scars on my face, and wear my hair with a black ribbon ... Remus y'think?)

I don't plan on being there all weekend, but I'd like to go on Saturday. I might be taking the train, unless I come home and take my car, which I always love to do. Gives me a chance to haul lots of stuff around, in case I'd want to do costume changes.

The one I'm leaning toward most is Jack, Draco, Tom Riddle, or Remus. Jack is comfortable (except for the shoes) but I wore him to WW last year, and I was told "Didju see the Jack that was here yesterday?! He was awesome! So in character" Yes, yes ... I know ... Toby is awesome ... *shakes a fist at him!* So I'd have to do something different. I was thinking about bringing a bananaand stuffing it into my belt.

But then, if Dana wants to come as Lucius, I could pull off Draco, even though I'll be ONE FAT MOFO DRACO. Oh well, I'll have blond/white hair ... it'll make sense, I think ...

And Tom Riddle won't be very accurate, but I still could pull it off ...

And Remus might be fun. I could wear comfortable shoes! And streak my hair with silver! And then Dana and I could do some Remus/Lucius slash :O I like that idea for a pairing ...
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