July 22nd, 2005


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wow, no update in 3 days? Strange ...

Well, I've gone back to the world of Yahoo RP with a new SN, which seems to be popular enough. Fenrir_GreyBack_Infamous_Lycan. My celeb choice for his photo is, of course, Christian Bale. Sure, they describe him in the book as being "big, broad, and with whiskers" but ... I hate bearded men, so I'm going for Young Fenrir. I've already got me a Draco, an OC, and possibly a Remus, which is making me all sorts of happy.

I had to drop my Human Communication class. Well, actually, it was more like, it was dropped for me. They didn't have enough people to fill the class, so it was gone. So now ... I'm fucked. But I think I figured it out last night. I'll keep doing 4 classes a quarter, and then sign up for the Japan trip as my Jr. Yr Exp. Learning class. That's only 2 weeks, instead of taking a 10 week course during the school year. I'll have to see if I can do that. I don't know how happy my parents will be, but do I really care? I want to go to Japan ... oooh, what if I could go when Dana, Mira and Isaac are going?! Then we could go to Gackt's concert! ... maybe :D

I want to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory again.

And speaking of Charlie, the new pictures of Daniel Radcliffe look STRIKINGLY like my friend Charlie Gotlieb. I think it's the hair, but damn ... :O