July 16th, 2005


The day after ...

*big, heavy, relieving sigh*

My incredible Spellbound!05 Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Book 6 Release Party one-day con report Collapse )
Summary: Most Memorable Quote from Spellbound, "GOD DAMN YOU GUTTER HELMET MAN!" Lots of Slytherin pride and boggart!Snape got the credit he deserved.

Oh, what a day, what a day. It was fantastic, I had so much fun, I'm so glad I saw friends show up, and made new ones. Now, it's time to get away from the interweb *GASP* and read my little heart out. I'll be very cautious about spoilers, placing them behind cuts and such. But expect a LOT of updates regarding this book for the next ... week.

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After devouring the first 6 chapters, I decided to give my mind and body a little break from reading.

I've decided to write down my likes/dislikes, typos, predictions and other such things in my progress over the next week as I finish this book. I'd like to finish it sooner, but school gets in the way, and I'm a rather slow reader. So, for a week or so, maybe longer, I'll be updating my LJ with spoiler heavy posts pertaining to mostly Harry Potter. You've been warned!


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And, I just realized how tired I am, and that it's midnight, and I want to read, but I'm just too tired ... ;_;