July 13th, 2005


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Kayla bought some of that car chalk paint, so we now have something to decorate my car with for our trip to Spellbound. I'm thinking "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince or BUST!" with Dark Marks and perhaps a rendering of the book cover on the hood of my car, and then potions things on the trunk, and perhaps the image of those joined hands on the roof. Anyone else have suggestions as to what to write on my car? Maybe if we find chalk things in smaller sizes, we chould have people sign all over my car as a "We were there!" sort of thing. Of course, I'll take pictures and then it'll have to be washed (my dad will probably NOT like anyone drawing on my car ... even if it is temporary)

Any other suggestions for what to write on my car?

Kayla and I talked for a LONG time on the phone together. Theories as to who is going to die, who's the HBP, what Neville's role will be, and, of course, about the Malfoy's. I only found out later that she was driving on a highway. Silly, silly Kayla.

I got an IM from Ann, an old friend of mine off in the burbs. She informed me that Petras and his band will be playing at my school today. After my final, I'm going to head over and see it. I text msg'ed Petras, because Ann says he hardly ever picks up his phone any more ( which had me sorta wondering ... ) and he called me back. We talked as though we haven't been apart for 4 years. It was very strange, in a surreal sort of way.

I wonder if he's still with her. I'm not sure any more, and I don't know how to approch it. It's always been a touchy subject and I know I should get over it, but ... how can you stop wanting to be with someone that you, at one point, could truly say you loved?

Oh, and it's official. My highschool prom date and highschool home coming date are now a couple. It's so sweet!
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