July 12th, 2005


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PotC paper = DONE. Length = 10 pages, 15 if you count outline. I think I did a good job of it. Hopefully I'm clear about my ideas. But now, I feel like utter crap. I wonder if it was the Lean Pocket I had for lunch ... or perhaps the peanut butter waffle sandwich I made afterwards.

I think the paper was probably the hardest thing I had to accomplish this hellish week. I got a high C+ on my last psychology exam. With the 3 points extra credit that I plan on doing, it'll be a B- and I can be very happy and not worried at all about failing. I have an exam tomorrow. Doing what I did with the last study guide should ensure me a pretty easy grade on the final. Thank GOD it isn't cumulative. I would've died had that been the case.

Then, it's onto Fantasy final (dur hur, not Final Fantasy!), which I don't think I'll have much problem with, and onto more IMPORTANT things *hem, hem*

It took me an hour and a lot of frustration to find my Harry wig. And I realized I left my newly bought wig brush at home, along with my calpico water. I miss you calpico water! ;_; When I stop by there Thursday night to pick up my car I'll grab it, along with my Hedwig pants to wear when I get tired of Snape and Harry. I've also decided on a route to Mt. Prospect. Although taking 55 to 83 sounds like a straight forward idea, it's really taking me too far south than I'd like to go. When I'm already this far north, I might as well just take 90/94 to 294 and then work my way down Rand. Let's hope to God my car can handle it. It should, considering I think it'll be raining and not as hot. Brakes won't be a pain in the arse.

3 more DAAAAAAYZ zomg
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