July 11th, 2005


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Y'know what I think Rowling should do? She should sign a few dozen copies of HBP and then randomly inserting them into the millions made and then not tell anyone and see if they get a book ... sorta like the Golden Ticket of Willy Wonka's.

I need to clean the apartment. I just did a quick sweep around and I got a hairball of cat fur about the size of my fist. Not a fluffy ball, but like ... a DENSE, nasty, disgusting ball of hair.

There is currently a spider web that has been collecting cat hair on top of the TV between Darth Vader's head and Hello Kitty. Jen wants to keep it, but I think I'll get rid of it before she comes home.

Oh God, I just saw a feminine hygiene commercial, and their tag line was "Have a happy period" ... Happy period MY ASS! And no, I'm not on mine ... yet.

More fanart!

Yeah so ... I wasn't really paying much attention in psychology today. We were talking about love, intimacy, and relationships. And who better to draw out of boredom than Jin and Mugen?

This was inspired by an RP from aimlesscoyote and I. Mugen was suppose to be holding a Chinese food take out box and Jin was suppose to be stealing from it ... but I am so not that talented ^_^

Title: Untitled
Arist: Kozibot <3
Pairing: Mugen & Jin
Rating: PG, for two grown men holding hands, very mild shonen ai
Colored in photoshop

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