July 10th, 2005


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Jesus, I don't know if it's because it's almost 2 am, but the people in the Leaky Lounge have already pissed me off. My first post, asking if anyone is going to Spellbound, was closed to "protect the users of the forums". All because I asked if people were going?! Jesus fucking Christ. And there's nothing but a whole SECTION of the forum dedicated to this. I don't get it. Fucking ass hats.

I really don't like it when a topic of mine is taken down. I hate forums. They never help. They only get me pissed off!
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Note to self

New plan for Spellbound. Dad's taking me back tonight, he'll come pick me, Kayla and Jessica up at O'Hare, take me back home and we'll take my car into the city. Sleep a couple hours, wake up, then head out to Mt. Prospect at 7 am! Hopefully we'll beat rush hour.

Routes to take: 1) Fullerton to 94, 94 to 90, 90 to 294, 294 to Rand 2) LSD to 55, 55 to 83, 83 to Rand

Route 1 will be quickest, but route 2 is more direct. I'm not sure what the roads are like that early. Good thing there's up to the minute traffic reports online!