July 9th, 2005


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I've just returned from my first trip to Randhurts mall where Spellbound will be held. It's practically a brand new mall, not even all the store slots have been filled up. There are a lot of "Coming soon!" stores though. There's a Suncoast, a comic book store, a Claires, a TINY food mart (mostly just McD's, Sbarro's, and a few smaller in-a-hole order places, but there is a Sakkio! A SAKKIO! I'll definitely be eating there come Spellbound!) There's also a carosel in the middle of it :D And they have coin operated shiatsu massaging chairs XD I can see a lot of photo ops in my head. The strangest part is that this mall is almost exactly the way I pictured it, and I've NEVER been to it.

On the way home, since I was so close, I stopped by Mitsuwa to get me some OMG!JAPANESE PASTERIES, calpico water, some e-ma (Gackt candy), Saiyuki manga volume 9 and *wibbles* Salty Dog III. I'm gonna go stare at pretty Saiyuki boys and eat pastries!

Oh yeah, and I cleaned my room up BIG time. I took out the disaster that was my fabric remnent bin, folded EVERYING (found out I have quite a lot of interfacing), color coordinated them all, and then put it all back. Now I have about 3 inches more space then when it was all just a mess in there. Cleaned up my closet, too. Hung up costumes that fell, etc etc.

Oh yeah, and my car's AC died ... again. But I don't want to tell my dad, he might get an ulcer or something. Having my brother in town is a REAL pain in the ass. Mum says that dad's been spending his comission checks on him -_- greedy bastard. And there's almost no chance he'll straighten himself out and GET A JOB. *sigh* So now, I feel even worse about taking money from him, or telling him to fix my car. I should get a job, but goddamn school is almost too much for me right now.

Oh le fuck ...
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