July 4th, 2005


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Just got back from the Glen Ellyn parade. The coolest part was the F-16's that soared over head, knocking old ladies hearing aids out of their ears. Then they came back, in a wide arc, right down the line of the street, not more than 100 feet from the ground. It was amazing!

Glenbard's marching band sucks ass. Their color guard was no were near ours. I think next year I might refresh my color guard skills and go join them for the parade. I should've gone the year they did Harry Potter for their show. I could've gotten a cool t-shirt, I bet.

Now I'm tired, my eyeballs hurt. And I'm hungry. And I need to go pick up Gackt's birthday cake in about an hour. And get candles. How old is he, in vampire years? Jen said 465, but I'm not too sure about it. We're going to have a Gackt celebration today. Yay! happy Birthday Gakuto!